General Counsel, Contract Negotiations, Corporate Formation

Small to medium sized businesses often are unable to afford to hire a full time lawyer or general counsel.  Issues like contract negotiations, financing agreements, and leases often have a greater impact on companies at this stage than they do as the company grows.  Simply put, many small to medium sized companies are stretched so thin that issues like contract negotiations may focus solely on price.  As a result, the opportunity to create contracts that represent a balanced relationship and provide lasting value to the company is missed.

Companies are also at a disadvantage because important day-to-day legal issues may not be addressed when they are easily dealt with.  For example, all types of corporate entities have some type of ongoing requirement that shareholders, officers or owners meet and file reports with the government.  A company’s failure to make these filings, or pay attention to corporate formalities, has serious consequences.  A potential buyer of a company may pass should it be determined that the company is not in good standing, or has failed to make required government filings.

I offer companies the ability to leverage my experience by engaging me as an outsourced general counsel.  Using this model, you can help level the playing field with companies who may have more resources than you do, or with vendors who seek to use your size to their advantage.  My outsourced general counsel services are offered on an “a la carte” basis.  We will discuss your needs, and focus to arrive at a legal solution that provides you with the legal services you want for a fee that fits.