Speaking Topics: IT, Web Hosting and Internet Law

David Snead speaks at conferences around the world on a variety of topics. Contact David Snead directly for more information about bringing him to your upcoming conference or event.

Recent Topics/Speaking Engagements

Workshop on cloud security and privacy. The Third International Conference on Technical and Legal Aspects of the e-Society, Valencia, Spain.

U.S. Congress Regulation of Infrastructure Providers. Parallels Summit, Orlando, Florida.

Cloud security and individual security. Cartes North America, Las Vegas, NV.

Will you U.S. government go too far regulating copyright. South-by-Southwest, Austin, TX

What MegaUpload means to Hosts. WorldHostingDays, Rust Germany.

State and Federal Laws that Demand Attention. InfoSecWorld, Orlando FL

Workshop: Security legal traps to look out for. InfoSecWorld, Orlando FL

Ethical Hacking. Source Security Conference. Boston, MA.

Copyright and user generated content. Digital Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Panelist: security regulations around the world. Secure cloud, Frankfurt.

U.S. federal regulation of security. Secure cloud, Frankfurt, Germany.

Understanding the Global Reach of Cloud Security Regulations. Microsoft EMEA Hosting Club, Frankfurt, Germany.

Workshop: The details matter: Security laws that demand attention. Microsoft EMEA Hosting Club, Frankfurt, Germany.

Presentation:  Are you the Next Megaupload?HostingCon 2012, Boston, MA

Auditing Your Cloud Transaction.  AuditWorld 2012, Orlando, FL

Panelist:  Government Access to Data in the Cloud.  CSA Europe Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Presentation:  Challenges in Handling Data on Corporate Devices.  CSA Congress 2012, Orlando, FL

Presentation:  Planning a Recovery that isn’t a Disaster.  The Conference on Fraud and Forensics, Miami, FL