The Conference on Fraud and Forensics

My presentation “Planning a Recovery that Isn’t a Disaster,” took place at the the Conference on Fraud and Forensics.  In the presentation, I covered:

  • Major U.S. and E.U. tools used to gather data from IT providers
  • Privacy concerns raised by law enforcement and litigant access to data
  • Liability of cloud providers for complying or not complying with requests and demands for data
  •  How choice-of-law issues affect the ability of cloud providers to comply with law enforcement and discovery requests
  • Creating compliance strategies to maximize access to data and ensure compliance with law

My slides Cloud Forensics (unannotated)

CSA Congress Slides

My presentation “Challenges in Handling Corporate Data on Mobile Devices,” took place at the CSA Congress 2012.  In the presentation, I covered:

  • Top security threats to mobile devices
  • Strategies to demonstrate and maintain trustworthy insights of auditable user and machine activity
  • Technical considerations for digital data preservation on mobile devices
  • Laws, regulations and security policy considerations
  • Service Level Agreement clauses

My slides are here

Reading List: U.S. government access to data abroad


AuditWorld 2012

My presentation “Auditing Your Cloud Transaction,” took place at AuditWorld 2012.  In the presentation, I covered:

  • How to develop strategies to create an audit framework that will cast light on where your information goes
  • Which provisions to modify in a contract to provide greater audit transparency and rights
  • A matrix of issues and laws that you can use
  • How you can partner with your cloud provider to strengthen the reliability of your audit

Copies of my slides are here

So you want to do business in Europe?

A good piece of my practice is helping my clients do business all over the world.  Most frequently, I’m helping a client either do business in Europe, or helping a European client do business in the U.S. The purpose of this post is to discuss some legal issues you should think through before doing business in, or with, Europeans. Some of this post, particularly the discussion of U.S. export laws, is appropriate for doing business globally.